About Us

Company Profile

Neelkamal Agency Pvt Ltd. Established in the Year 2002, to market and providing after sales support is being supported by 50 Years older companies like M/S.Sauter-GmbH, for Tool Turrets,M/S.Franke-GmbH, in the Field of Special Bearing solutions & Linear Motor Products.

Neelkamal agency Pvt Ltd is proud to provide value based products in to Indian OEM’s we support the customers from the inception to prove out condition in all respect to make win win situation

Quality Assurance

Quality is in the breath of any german products,hence we are proud to present these products in the indian market.

We Neelkamal Agency Pvt Ltd team also starve to reach our quality in all aspect to safe guard the German Product and its application, integration and educating by product training for customer team members in integration, maintenance, when ever new products are introduced in to the field

Customer Support

We support our customers and end user team in all respect even after few long years of use of our product, to ensure the customers are satisfied by value for the money the pay for the imported product.

Our success story is very high over a period of 15 years, because we ourselves are having back ground of 30 years of machine tool maintenance with Professional educational Background